No more conflicts. No more struggle.
What if I told you conflict in your love-life is OPTIONAL?
And that it’s possible to be in a relationship where both man and woman are attracted and respect each other fully?
 It's time to shift from blinding fear to a transformed love-life using masculine and feminine polarity. 

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It's time to shift from blinding fear to a transformed love-life using masculine and feminine polarity.
When a man is in his dominant masculine, he leads, has standards, and takes charge.

When a woman is in her radiant feminine, she’s fully receiving, in her heart space, and freely expressing herself.

It’s the Dream Relationship with a never-ending honeymoon period. Because men and women are designed to perfectly complement one another.
What others are saying:
"I finally understand what went wrong in my last relationship of 2 years. I’ve seen counselors, gotten spiritual guidance, etc. and nothing has given me more clarity than what I just learned about polarity. My whole world feels clear again and I feel finally able to move on from the relationship with vision for myself & what I desire. I’m feeling completely liberated!"
- Laura M.
"Finding this work was like finding an oasis in a desert for me, one I felt drawn to. The content gives me permission to relax and actually follow the intuitive instinctual messages I feel, without being disconnected from my heart or body. It puts me in my rightful place as a woman. One of not blaming, codependently needing, or negotiating for power or worth."
 -  Stephanie P.
"Zak, your work is exactly what men and women need to learn and embody in order to have the relationship of their dreams. Through this work I am experiencing my heart and my desires with a whole new level of honesty, and the return of that radiant, joyful energy that is my natural state. I am seeing how immediately and beautifully this is impacting all of my relationships." 
- Veronika S