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Although I'd been dipping my toes in learning more about masculine and feminine polarity for a few years, finding Zak Roedde's work was the profound plunge into the deep end that ACTUALLY changed my life, and the way I relate to men- most notably, the man who, at the time I found Zak, had just become my ex by an extraordinarily painful ending.

The painful ending with my ex was multi-faceted, but as I dabbled in Zak's teachings, I found myself becoming fully awake to how I had emasculated this man I loved, and had day by day, unknowingly, been tearing down the relationship I loved and wanted so much. I thought I was trying to make it better, trying to communicate and help us heal- but as I learned from Zak- all that "trying" was pushing him away and keeping us from finding the very healing I wanted so badly.

I started DOING what I was learning from Zak and his team, more and more,and the results were overwhelming- it felt like magic. As I made myself vulnerable, and let go of my "trying" ways (pun intended), this man I loved warmed and transformed before my eyes! He stepped into leadership almost instantly, and took on the role of protecting me, devoting his energy to improving our life and relationship, and just heading toward a real VISION. It was, and is,  phenomenal, and I am SO GRATEFUL for Zak's work and teaching. This stuff could literally heal the planet.
"I haven’t been working with Zak for very long, but I have felt massive shifts in myself and in my marriage in a very short period of time. I have felt an ease, freedom, and lightness in my interactions with my husband that have improved our relationship so much. Learning how to operate from my feminine has been so natural. I didn’t realize how much being in my masculine and performing a role that was in actuality a burden had weighed me down. It honestly feels like 50 pounds has been lifted from my shoulders and that I can truly be more myself. Once I learned what my actual responsibility in our relationship was, and started to implement Zak’s suggestions, communication became easy and I became so much happier. In fact, our whole household has been happier and more joyful. Such a pleasant surprise to see my relationship with my children improve too! I can sense that my husband and I are entering a new era in our relationship. We both get to bring our best selves to the relationship and we have been loving our new roles. Learning from Zak how to polarize our marriage has been a definite win for both of us. I am ridiculously excited to see how things continue to progress!"
"Finding this work was like finding an oasis in a desert for me, one I felt drawn to. The content gives me permission to relax and actually follow the intuitive instinctual messages I feel , without being disconnected from my heart or body ... and conversely also to follow advice/direction he gives that feels welcome, simple, practical; that sometimes feels extremely wrong, strange, or scary (safe scary) . It puts me in my rightful place as a woman. One of not blaming, codependently needing, or negotiating for power or worth. It shows me how its more than ok being the ultra feminine party and in general being comfortable living within an soft open heart secure in (but not guarded in) truth . I don’t have to push, do, overthink, lead. I can rest. I can be myself. It’s ok to be myself. It’s terrifying, and it’s everything I need to do to be happy—- and one day make a partner happy as an effect. A part of What I like is that this content holds a mirror up to who I am and has helped me Burne away many of my unnatural guards and walls around my feelings (toward myself first and then others) especially when put into practice in actual dating situations which I have been doing recently. His guidance from his lived experience certainly is shifting the way I view men and my relationships/roles with them."
Ok sounds amazing. I want in the group!

Zak, your work is exactly what men and women need to learn and embody in order to have the relationship of their dreams. Through this work I am experiencing my heart and my desires with a whole new level of honesty, and the return of that radiant, joyful energy that is my natural state. I am seeing how immediately and beautifully this is impacting all of my relationships.
"I could honestly say that since I am in this group and receive coaching from Zak, that I feel way more in touch with my feminine and its a wonderful feeling. Also in applying the lessons that learned with the man I love.. I can see him slowly improving his behavior. He starts to take more initiative and is reacting less out of fear and making space for my feelings. But what he is doing and if we will have a relationship is somehow becoming less important. Because I can feel I am healing traumas and see room to create a better life as a Woman. To be me and feel that is just wonderfully enough. It’s a truly wonderful feeling and a GIFT. oke YEah this all sounds great. And it Is. But it is also sometimes very intensive to feel. To feel fully.. But wonderous and fulfilling."
"Hi Zak I just wanted to say how amazingly beneficial your teaching has been for my relationship, literally like flicking a switch. It’s better than I could have imagined and also just for me to truly drop into my feminine has made a huge difference in my state of being. Thank you so much."
"I just had a massive moment of clarity/reality shift after listening to Zak's video. Where I finally understand what went wrong in my last relationship of 2yr. I’ve seen counselors,gotten spiritual guidance, etc and nothing has given me more clarity than what I just learned about polarity. My whole world feels clear again and I feel finally able to move on from the relationship with vision for myself & what I desire. I’m feeling completely liberated! Thank you men for all your work and devotion to teaching this. It’s the clarity I always longed for!"
"Being in the Facebook group I felt supported in going deeper into my heart’s truth and communicating my feelings which has brought me incredible healing experiences in my romantic and non-romantic relationships. In dating I’ve also loved how it felt fun and I can be authentically me in situations that before I would have just shut down or feel confused. The biggest thing I can say is that Zak’s group supports me in melting the boundaries that have kept me from love and intimacy."
"It has been the space, the permission, and assurance that not only are my feelings valid (every one of them) but they are a gift... and that someone might see them as such that has given me the space to ALLOW myself to fully embrace them. Zak Roedde, David Miller, and this group has provided this space and the necessary mirror.... I feel my heart expand and tears rise up in my eyes at the beauty of having someone not reject me for feeling broken... but opening their arms and embracing me.... I now feel assured that although I have felt broken, that under the brokenness is a bright and shining, radiant woman... Others have said that about my "soul" but that feels like something of me is being left out. To have the totality of me, as a woman embraced.... that gift is more valuable than all the gold in the world to me."

"I do not think of Zak as a teacher or guru, and I don’t treat his words as gospel. I simply read his words, watch his videos and wonder about what he utters. I am as amused by my immediate agreement as when I am offended. As someone trained in the area of sex, intimacy and relationship, I listened to what he shared without having to undo what I already know. I asked myself if I could make room for conflicting beliefs. My own relationship in peril, having tried all that I knew to do, and weary worn from the anxiety of yet another ending… I thought I would try on what Zak was offering. Not agree with it, not replace what I already knew, just shut up and try on what he said. So what did I do? I stopped trying to lead. Of course this sounds heady, and I could have instead argued with Zak about being a woman, and leading and equality and blah blah blah.. and I just stopped. I stopped trying to prove he was right or wrong without risking myself to find out. What does stopping leading look like? Well for a while it just meant shutting the F up while I figured it out. It meant keeping my eyes on my own paper, and focussing on the things that made me happy, to the core. Interestingly enough, this is what my partner had been asking me to do for years. I stopped the vigil of being three steps ahead, of anticipating his every need. Zak mentioned that this was a masculine skill. NOT a man’s skill, a masculine one. And this fatherless daughter, I knew this place all too well. Letting go of the wheel was what I have always wanted to do… except when it came time to do it. I wanted a man to take the wheel but wouldn’t let go of it, or if I did, told him how to drive. Underneath I was terrified. In reality this looked like stopping doing up all the laundry and the dishes (ps he never asked me to take this on, and when we first moved in, we often did this together). I began only picking up after myself. Sometimes the laundry or dishes stayed there, and more frequently he picked it them up. Without me walking around irritated or doing it myself, it freed up my brain, my energy and my more importantly, my heart. I never had to say a word. Not one conversation or argument. No more “mom” or martyr energy. “Oh, look I said, “what Zak offered worked. Let me try on something else he said”. I stopped problem solving and started sharing. How I stopped was letting go of the never ending conversation of what was not working in our relationship. This modern day need to talk about things had killed any intimacy and aliveness. “I am anxious” became a full and complete sentence. Instead of asking for a hug when I felt anxious (and often repelling my partner and leaving me feeling shame and growing my neediness further), I simply said, “I am anxious”. And he would kiss my forehead, or squeeze me, or pour me a glass of wine while saying, “one step at a time, you are doing your best”. “Well that worked too. Let me try on another suggestion”. I stopped giving. I was always coming home with gifts and treats, or making him things. I never realized really that he had stopped giving me things over the past year, and I had filled in the void with giving. Somewhere I decided that the shortage of receiving was going to be solved by being more generous. Or pretty. Or smart. Or selfless. I was experiencing the feeling of not being enough for him, because I was always giving gifts to make up for having to be with me. No wonder I was exhausted and needy. All that I was feeling was not coming from my partner, it was coming from me. My inability to receive eventually taught him to stop giving. My giving chased it away even further. My anger and resentment at not receiving, it shamed him. I was not aware how tightly wound up I was. So I stopped. AND I told my partner in the form of sharing. I didn’t scold. I didn’t lay down an ultimatum and I didn’t cry from a place of no longer giving because he was x, y or z. I simply said, “I was offered up some advice, that I could stop doing things for you, stop anticipating your every need. It feels very uncomfortable for me, and it’s because I am scared that if I stop you will not love me any more. It comes from my not feeling like I am enough. I didn’t even know that! I will only do things for you when you ask me to. And I really want you to ask me to do things for you, I love it when you do, and I love it when I am able to say yes”. He smiled and said okay. Within days of these changes, the energy shifted. He started approaching me for sex, started doing more around the house (not that he wasn’t before), he started making dinners and dragged me out for a Christmas tree. It also meant that when my daughter gave me a gift on Christmas Day, I was able to feel her generosity, to feel her honouring me. It didn’t just impact my relationship with my partner, my lack of being able to receive had shut everyone out. Notice in all that I shared that I am not talking about polarity, the masculine or feminine, should or shouldn’t. I am sharing about trying on actions shared by another person (Zak), and low and behold, getting the results well beyond what I thought would happen."
OK you're laying it on thick Zak. I want to get a membership!